Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Super Bowl Party via Manipulation

What a couple of weeks! We had a huge snow storm, nine to ten inches in one day! Remember, I live in Missouri so that doesn't happen very often. It was kind of a strange snow, a mile or two in either direction only got a dusting. For us, it meant a fire in the fire place and staying at home! It was actually kind of nice to not have to be anywhere for once! Alex and Twin Sis loved watching the snow, but had absolutely no desire to go outside! - just like their mom, give me a beach!

We also had a flood, courtesy of a malfunctioning washing machine, in the house no less. It did some major damage. But, I guess it is time for some redecorating anyway! I never did like that carpet!!! And... I need a major project now! I keep telling myself that, but I'm still not buying it!

And, of course there was the Super Bowl. For some reason this year, I wasn't too excited about it. We didn't plan a party or plan on going to one. But, guess what... Alex woke up early that morning, got Twin Sis up and cleaned the main parts of the house, well in their own way. Then, the first thing out of Alex's mouth when his Dad and I woke up... "It's Sunday, we're going to have a Super Bowl Party!" Oh brother, so much for a relaxing day at home! Alex doesn't even like football! I don't really know that he understands what the Super Bowl is. Actually, I am pretty sure he doesn't! But, how could we say no?... Luckily, some friends, one of the Rock Families, didn't have plans, so we spent the evening with them.

Again an amazing milestone, I mean inchstone. Alex has learned to manipulate us! Just like all the other teenage kids out there. Yay! OK, its a bit out there, but all the other kids do it, so, it's an inchstone! We do want Alex to be like his peers, don't we? Boy are we in for it!

He doesn't realize it, but he's always going to win. Along with his very masterful manipulation, there is another factor in play, we call it the Guilt Factor. You see, Twin Sis gets to go to slumber parties, she gets to go shopping with her friends, she is texting or chatting on Facebook with someone constantly. Big Sis is the same. She gets to run all over the place with her friends, shopping with her friends and the family. You all know where this is going... Alex doesn't get to do those things... hence, the Guilt Factor! It's not really a bad thing, more like a good excuse to go get ice cream!

Occasionally Alex realizes he's getting left out of a lot of things. Sometimes he gets a bit angry, who wouldn't? That's Alex being a kid, a plain old kid! It usually only lasts a minute or two. Alex's Dad and I try to do something different with just him while the Sisters are off on their special events. No one is leaving him out intentionally. Sometimes people go out of their way to make sure he is included and comfortable, especially those Rock Families! Basically, to this point anyway, it all works out in the wash.

Alex is always a happy kid. Seldom will anyone who knows him see anything different. Seldom also, will anyone ever see the manipulative teenage boy, who got his mother to scrub the toilets so that he could have a Super Bowl Party! The Guilt Factor has been around for years and I haven't scrubbed a toilet for that!

When did this happen? Alex manipulate me? GAME ON, KID!! Oops, Guilt Factor! I think I just became that little hamster stuck in his circle! Dang, I didn't even see it coming!

By the way, Alex didn't watch a lick of the game!

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Holly's Mom said...

I am new to reading your blog. I am eager to learn more about your family. I am so curious that you have twins, one with Fragile X and one without. I am about to try and get pregnant with my second and very interested about sibling relationships, my first Holly is turning 2, and i am intrigued to find out about how your daughter deals with and relates to your son's diagnosis. I love Holly so much, but she does have delays, and i wonder how she will feel, or a sibling might feel who is younger but at some point will start to perhaps surpass her development, and how it emotionally effects them both. Looking forward to reading more.