Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Christmas... I got the Sign

Christmas was wonderful! We drove to Colorado, it was a beautiful trip. I had forgotten how absolutely unbelievable the mountains were. An airplane flyover or into the Rockies does not do them justice!

We left Christmas Eve morning and as you know, this trip was a sort of ... well, I am not sure if I was running away from Christmas past or toward Christmas future, neither of which were too appealing at the time. But you know how something always happens to let you know that you made the right decision...

We were driving west down I70 and it just kept getting warmer and sunnier, the closer we got to Colorado, the bluer the sky became. We had Christmas carols playing in the car, we kept laughing at how weird the weather was for a Christmas Eve. During our drive, I was getting texts and pictures from my "Rocks" and my brother, going east on I70. Snow and ice storms, with no visibility... what should have been a short three or four hour drive for them was taking forever. They were on pins and needles. We, on the other hand, had beautiful weather, the windows down, and were covering twice the territory they were. Yup, I think we made the right decision... "Here's your sign!" Pike's Peak with snow capped top, bright blue sky and 55 degrees at the bottom... we were going to be ok!

We had rented a small house. It was in the mountains with a view of Pike's Peak. The weather was nicer there than it was here at home, except for the last day we were there. We got to experience a full blown mountain snowfall while snowmobiling to the continental divide. It was fabulous! Alex, Twin Sis, Dad and Mom LOVED it, how often does that happen??? Alex's anxiety issues, were pretty much gone. Even in the whiteout conditions.

We did come around a turn on one of those curvy two lane mountain highways and came to a full stop in traffic. Eventually, as traffic moved on one car at a time, we saw that there was a big horn sheep in the middle of the road. It was at that moment that Dad, who was driving, was bombarded by a size 8 basketball shoe from the back seat. But other than that, the anxiety level was relatively controllable... And really, the sheep was a little close, I could touch the thing out my window. Alex was NOT pleased.

Aside from that roadblock, we were taken a bit by surprise by a few other things. (Remember, I am from Missouri)... Just because a mountain has a cell tower on it does not mean you get cell service, I think, though, that if you are on one side of the mountain, you might get service... however, the road goes around and around and around said mountain, so service goes off and on, off and on... I didn't understand.

Also, some of Colorado's highways are actually one lane dirt roads! I highly recommend taking them, they provide some of the most beautiful scenery ever! BUT, I would take them in something other than a full size conversion van with rear wheel drive. We were on a four lane highway that just stopped and turned into dirt. What to do... what to do... We were feeling adventurous I guess!

We were also computer less... hahaha... new wifi computers won't work with the old dial up things provided at the mountain cabin. It is amazing how dependent we are on that junk.

This trip, though, was probably one of the most amazing ever. I have always believed that family is so important. I have drilled that into my kids' heads like you would not believe that you spend as much time as possible with family, you never know how long you have. My husband's family lives a long distance away. We don't get to spend near as much time with them as we want to. We have always worked very hard to go visit them every extended holiday we have. Now don't get me wrong here, it's not that I want to spend less with them, but something about that week in the mountain cabin with just Alex, Twin Sis, Dad and me was so marvelous.

We saw our kids in an entirely different light - and we also saw some of the same butt heads as always, too. But something about just us and being away from home was so different. I am sure that part of it was having to drive 8.2 miles to receive cell service... but it was a very enlightening experience.

Have I been cheating myself of these times with my kids by spending the time with the extended family? We love and enjoy Dad's extended family. They are fabulous with Alex and Twin Sis, they GET IT! That's important too. We do fun stuff with them too. We make it a "vacation" with them, more than just a visit. We always have so much fun with them.

But who knew I would enjoy my own kids as much as I did?? Alex has an amazing sense of humor! He is as big a smart ass as the rest of us, who knew?? The things he said on that trip! At some point I stole his Dad's chair, so Dad sat on my lap. Alex told him with a completely straight face to "Get his fat ass up!" I am not sure but I think I peed a little that night!

Twin Sis is so loving and compassionate. She knows what he needs before we do. She is adventurous and a bit dingy, very dingy! She is also one funny kid. She managed to fall of the back of the snow mobile and run up the mountain to catch up to me with out me knowing! Another mark for my Mother of the Year Award!

I think maybe I got to know my kids a little bit better. I was able to see them in a completely different situation. I did miss Bis Sis. The fact that she wasn't there didn't dominate my thoughts, I wasn't depressed that she wasn't there. I guess I wish she was...

I did have a completely different Christmas, the first one in forty something years. I was terrified of changing it... But I think it was the best one I've ever had! Everyone was happy. Every laughed, a lot! Everyone was together. I am not positive yet, but pretty sure, that we found our New Christmas tradition. I think we will spend it travelling.

The vacation ended on New Year's Eve with the long Drive home. We got home around 10:00PM. We managed to stay up and celebrate the New Year, and then were to bed by 12:05, pretty much like every other New Year. I think that means we are off to an uneventful 2011, I'll take it!

Happy New Year every one!!

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Umma said...

I love it! I'm so glad you had such a magical Christmas!