Monday, October 12, 2009

Our History

I am starting this blog late in life. I always wanted to write a book, but as with many people, I just never quite got around to it. With that said, I will start my blog 13 years later than I would have liked, but here goes.... By the way, I should warn you, it is intended to be therapeutic as well.

Our family consists of my husband and I, married almost 20 years, our 19 year old daughter and 13 year old boy /girl twins. Our kids are growing up and becoming very independent, just as we always dreamed they would be. So now, it's our turn! Right? This blog is also my answer to the when will you get a job question!

The true reason I am making this attempt at blogging is to share information, hope and laughter to families like mine. You see, when our son was an infant, he was diagnosed with this genetic disorder called Fragile X Syndrome. Let me tell you, we had NO idea what we were in for!

As an infant his development was much slower than his twin sisters. Looking back, Alex was also showing signs of autism. We pushed and pushed the doctors for tests and answers. After months of, "He's a boy and a twin, they just develop slower," we finally had our answer. Of course, we had never heard of Fragile X Syndrome, and based on the information the neurologist gave us, neither had he. And so begins our story...

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