Friday, October 16, 2009

It Sure Would Be Nice If People Just Did the Right Thing

Today's commentary, for lack of a better word, is going to be short and sweet. Ooohhh so sweet!!!

I have hounded and hounded Alex's school to find a way to include him in extra curricular activities. I know almost every family of a child with special needs has done the same. What I don't know is why we are always met with such resistance!! I am certain that I have never asked for the moon, or the starting quarterback position!

It's funny, too, whenever I send a nice newspaper article on a school that has a special needs student on its basketball team, football team, cheer squad or whatever, I get this great email back about how we have a cheerleader who has Down's Syndrome on the squad. And trust me, I have begun to send them every article I see!!! I had everyone I know send them "way to go's!" when the article on our cheerleader came out!

Now, don't get me wrong! I think this is absolutely fabulous! BUT, I know this family, and they had to fight tooth and nail to get this done. They broke the barrier and we are all thankful for that! But seriously, the middle school (7th and 8th grades) has over 900 students, who knows how many are at the high school. To think, my kids' school district thinks this is a success, one special needs cheerleader. Boy are they wrong, SHE and her family are the success!

If students, faculty and administrations could see things the way the young ladies in the following article do, then there is hope for parents everywhere! Take a look! And keep fighting!

The Pleasant Valley Varsity Cheerleaders & The Spartan Sparkles: Persons of the Week - ABC News

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Sara E said...

great article..and I love their name.. the Sparkles sounds very fitting!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! We are all blessed to know Alex, and admire both you and (husband) Bradd.