Saturday, November 21, 2009

Things Should Be So Simple

We have had a very rough week. Alex's anxiety level is MAXED out. Some of his impulsive behaviors caused by his anxiety have come back after years of not seeing them. He has been taught how to control this anxiety and impulsiveness, but seems to be losing his struggles to do so. As a result, Dad and I have had a pretty icky week, too. We talked to Mrs. Teacher a lot. I felt so bad for her that I actually took her a nice Merlot after Friday night. I hope it helped, a little, anyway.

Dad and I, and hopefully Mrs. Teacher, decided to take a step back for the weekend. We are going to forget about the crappy week Alex had and help him have a good, stress free weekend. We'll get back to solving problems on Monday. Odds are, they'll still be there.

We can't help but think that we've missed something or overlooked something. We are hoping that since he's gotten this far, there's gotta be something simple we can do. Anyhow, I have to try to look at things from Alex's perspective in order to solve some of these issues.

I am generally a pretty optimistic person. I know that Alex's accomplishments are very underrated by most people. So, I know we'll get through this! I can't help but thinking, though, that there is something really simple out there just waiting for me to find it.

So, while I was lying in bed last night, trying to simplify all of this, I tried to put myself in Alex's shoes. A funny thing happened. One of my favorite all time Alex stories crashed into my head! I am sure it is a sign that the answer to this week's problems will, too! Right???

Anyhow, for awhile, my stress was replaced by laughter and simplicity... so here's some laughter and simplicity for you ... I wish we all thought this way!

On Tuesday afternoons, after school, Alex has his horseback riding lessons. He loves his time on the horse. He loves the horses, the barn, the trainer, pretty much everything about it. He doesn't even mind the smell! He has been riding since he was about 18 months old. Everything he does is centered around horseback riding.

He started in a therapeutic riding program, then transitioned into a hippo therapy program. Now, he's been riding so long, he just goes and learns how to ride better. He loves it! He loves learning new things. It's pretty amazing, though, our neighbor's little dachshund pup will send him running for the hills, but that two thousand pound horse, he just can't wait to get at him!

One afternoon a while ago, I put a fountain in the front yard. Alex wanted to throw a penny in to make a wish, and well, how can you turn that down? He went in and got his penny, closed his eyes and tossed it in. I asked him what he wished for. He told me he'd wished for a horse.

Oh great! I remember the conversation vividly. It went something like this....

Alex, we don't have any where to keep a horse. "I'll put a fence in the back yard." OK, ummm... A horse cost a lot of money, I don't think we can get one now. "We can buy Champ from Miss Trainer for $20,000." I remember thinking, OH I bet we can!!!! "Well, Alex, Miss Trainer loves Champ and doesn't want to sell him. "She will." I don't think so, but you can still go out there and ride him. Besides, we don't even know how to take care of a horse."DUH, you scoop his poop and feed him hay!!"

Well, apparently, Alex has it all figured out, why can't the rest of us see things this simple ????!!!


Paige said...

Stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest! Have a great week!

I'm a Mom!..? said...

It's always so simple isn't it???

Happy Saturday Sharefest from SITS!

the other lion said...

I always wondered how Punkin would react to riding a horse because he's petrified of all other animals -- exremely interested, but petrified. This gives me some hope. =) And it makes me laugh.

I understand about the frustration with the anxiety. It is a constant rollercoaster. I agree with your approach -- taking a step back and looking at it from the child's perspective. You are one smart, empathetic momma!

Anonymous said...

Yes! We should all see things so simple. you are right ! Our Fraggles teach us many lessons! Might I add, daschunds also send me running for the hills ! LOL I've been bitten by two different ones and yet I've grown up around and still lean toward the big dogs, lol
I hope things lighten up for you and your family. We went through quite a nightmare with Phillip in the summer....
Love reading your blog, by the way !

Tammy Howard said...

Scoop his poop and feed him hay. Nothin' to it.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Oh man, I get the horse argument from my oldest horse crazy child too. We parents just don't get it though. A horse could be had and it would be so easy. We just have to write checks and we have lots of them in our checkbook, right?