Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's All Good !

Yeah for us! Our approach seemed to work, temporarily anyway. We'll take temporary, though! Things have seemed to settle down.

Dad and myself had a nice visit with Mrs. Teacher and decided that for the time being we'd just "let up" on Alex a bit. We realized that since things had been going so well, we'd started pushing him harder. We think we just overdid it. We let Alex take it easy for a while and his behavior seemed to improve as well. Thank goodness!

It was kind of funny, though. I talked to Mrs. Teacher everyday day for a week or more. Some days more than once! And not every call was a bad one, yeah! . . .

As a matter of fact, yesterday's call was funny. Mrs. Teacher was pretty impressed with Alex's social skills. By the end of the conversation, so was I. You see, Mrs. Teacher didn't realize it, but she didn't even know the whole story.

A few months ago, Alex and Twin Sis got their "must have" Face Book pages. Alex likes the idea of being a part of this thing that every one else is, but doesn't really care about doing anything with it. He only has a handful of friends on his page, and most of those are relatives, but it is HIS!

The other day, I got to visit with Alex's best friend at school. He said he was having trouble finding Alex on FB. So after Alex went to bed, I got on his FB page and found his buddy and invited him to be Alex's friend. BUT... I forgot to tell Alex that I'd done this.

Yesterday at school, Best Buddy was all excited and telling everyone in the class and Mrs. Teacher that Alex had invited him to be his friend. He told the friends all about Alex's neat pictures and that Alex had been to deer camp. This was all shared with the class before Alex got there. Wellllll.... here's where mom screwed up... and where Mrs. Teacher became impressed.

So, when Alex arrived ... remember, Best Buddy is beaming ... Mrs. Teacher asks Alex, "So, Alex, we hear you have a new Face Book friend. Who is it?" Alex names one of his FB friends, "No," Mrs. Teacher says, "Who else?" This pattern went on for a few names. Then Mrs. Teacher helped out. "How about Best Buddy?" "Oh yeah!" Alex told her.

She called me to tell me what a great conversation he'd had. She was so impressed with how he'd interacted with the class and how he had been able to name so many of his friends. In the meantime, I am feeling like a heel, I probably didn't make Best Buddy feel too great!

Mrs. Teacher about croaked when I told her that I hadn't even told Alex that he and Best Buddy were FB friends, that Alex didn't even know yet. We both laughed. She decided that was really cool that Alex had answered the way he did to protect Best Buddies feelings. She also will make sure that I hadn't hurt Best Buddy's feelings. She didn't think I had, whew!

My theory on this is a bit different. I think that Alex was just tired of discussing the issue. However, I think I am going to choose to go with hers on this one!

I am very thankful that we've got someone in our life that can so easily sway our opinion!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Be grateful for what you've got, what you don't may not be so hot either!

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My Lipstick Life said...

Sometimes our kids grow up so fast they can surprise us - in good ways! It's a great day to see the best in everyone:) Happy Thanksgiving, SITSta!